This blog…

I gain a sense of place through taste.  And walking.  A lot of walking.  But invariably, wherever I go, my first question is “but where are we going to eat?”  It’s not that I’m hungry all the time, but I get to know a city or neighborhood by focusing on the food.  Bistros, cafés, and coffee shops are my museums, art galleries, and monuments.  If you go anywhere in Liguria, Italy, seek out the town of Recco and their paper thin and cheesy focaccia.  Or if you find yourself on Hilton Head Island during oyster season, run down to the Bluffton Oyster Company for a ½ bushel (call and reserve first if it’s Christmas).  To me this is the essence of a place, the best it has to offer.

I hope you read and leave this blog (and come back!) feeling joyful and inspired about a trip filled with quiet mornings sipping lattés dockside, or about a tiny biodynamic wine bar serving a smoky sparkling you’ve never tasted before.  

About me, Stephanie…

  • I never turn down a glass of sparkling rosé.
  • I swoon over a spicy, peppery red.
  • I won’t adulterate my chocolate brownies, cookies, cakes etc…with nuts (or fruit, or raspberry filling).
  • The spicier the food the better (a product of growing up in Singapore, Thailand and Korea).
  • I’ll go out of my way for my morning latte.